Jonas Thorén

Media Producer and Teacher Coach within Digital Learning
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Design and Production of Video Presentations for Digital Learning

Online education differs from classroom education, but one thing they share in common is the importance of content of high quality. It´s no doubt that videos play a very important role in online education, and there is research that points to the fact that a video needs to meet certain quality standards when being used as pedagogic material. This quality has not only to do with pixels and audio, even if that is important too, but very much about presentation design, cognition, clarity, accessibility, and what kind of videos students find engaging. In this session/workshop you will learn how to use digital tools, visual concepts, and how to adapt your presentations to a video format that is suited for teaching and education online.


Jonas Thorén has worked at KTH Royal Institute of Technology since 2010. He has a background as an Artist (fine art), Documentary Filmer, Photographer, and 3D-Animator. Currently he works as a Media Producer and Teacher Coach, within Digital Learning, at the Institution of Learning at KTH. He has also been deeply involved in KTH:s MOOC-project, especially as producer of the course “Philosophy of Science”. 2017-2018 Jonas took an initiative to the practitioner research project “Design and Production of Video Presentations for Teaching and Education Online” and wrote a user’s guide that now is available for download at