Jonas Linderoth

Professor of Education, University of Gothenburg
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Jonas Linderoth is a professor in education at the University of Gothenburg. His research interests concern different aspects of perception and learning in relation to both digital games and non-digital games. In the field of education he is mostly recognized for his Swedish book, Lärarens återkomst (Return of the Teacher). In this book Linderoth makes the case that constructivist ideas about the mind are counterproductive and even harmful for the educational system. Under disguise of being a progressive alternative, constructivist ideas have paved the way for a neoliberal commercialization of Sweden’s school system.

Twitter: @JonasLinderoth


Being a researcher in the shade of the ed-tech industry – Examples from gamebased learning and gamification

In this talk Jonas shares his experiences of being an academic scholar who works with issues about games and learning, constantly having to relate his voice to the ed-tech industry. Jonas will illustrate how doubtful arguments are woven into academic discourse, how the industry controls the public voice of academics and how media oversimplifies research on games and learning. He will conclude by giving a more nuanced picture about what one can achieve by under some circumstances using some games in relation to particular subjects.