Jon Brunskill

Primary teacher
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What’s the best way to teach children? A LIVE experiment

There is much debate, and research, about how best to teach children. During this session, Jon will teach three groups of primary-aged children using different approaches: discovery-based learning; whole class interactive teaching; and non-interactive lecturing. Each group of children will then be tested on their learning, before forming a panel to receive questions on how they felt about each approach.


Jon Brunskill is the head of year two at Reach Academy in Feltham. Before teaching, Jon worked for various charities, including as a youth worker and as a telephone counsellor for Childline. Earlier this year, Jon was asked by the DfE to join Dame Reena Keeble’s expert group on Effective Primary Teaching Practice; the group is due to report in the next few months. In his spare time, Jon is completing a Masters in Education from the University of Cambridge, and sometimes writes for the TES and Teach Primary.