John Myers

Curriculum Instructor, Secondary and Elementary Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education


Helping Busy Teachers Make Sense of Research in Education

An interactive session to encourage teachers to ask questions when they read or hear the words “research says.” Drawing upon his own Grade 10 teaching experience, John will explain and demonstrate a visible thinking routine for assessing a teachers’ impact on student learning. Participants will learn how to apply the visible learning routine in assessing all workshops and presentations. Everyone will also be offered summaries from the compendia of research studies and analyses by John Hattie, Robert Marzano and colleagues.


A recognized leader in Canadian Social Studies education, John Meyers has taught Grade 3 to Adult in four provinces and three countries. As a classroom teacher, curriculum consultant, and instructor in B.C.and Ontario faculties of education, he has always been interested in “what works”. Over the years he has done and promoted studies applying research findings to classroom practice and in several articles described the benefits, limits, and challenges in making sense of research claims and applying such research to classrooms.