Johan Lindmark

Special Educator for visionally and hearing impaired
Speaking at


How to make all pupils hear you

This session is about how teachers can better keep their strength and work until retirement age. Knowing more about the effects of sounds and noise, it’s possible to immediately start arranging classrooms with a lot less disturbance. It improves pupils’ grades and makes both teachers and students less tired, and it applies for all pupils and especially for those challenged by visional or hearing impairity, not to forget those with ASD diagnoses.


Johan has worked with topics concerning visional/hearing impairment since 1993, as national ombudsman for deafblind youths as well as being a special teacher in a bilingual (swedish/swedish sign language) school for children who were deaf and had Intellec tual function challenges. For ten years he was special educator and teacher of bilingu3al Swedish/Swedish sign language on upper secondary leveel for youths from all over Sweden at ’The National Highschool for the deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind’. For the last 5 years he has held positions of Municipal special educator for visionally and hearing impaired, supporting staff in preschools and schools, first in Huddinge and since the autumn of 2018 in Haninge.