Joakim Landahl

Professor of education, Department of education, Stockholm university
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Schools in crisis: a historical perspective

During the last decades, it has often been claimed that the Swedish school system is in crisis. These crises have led to a number of school reforms and a vast academic debate about the causes and solutions of the crises in question. In an ongoing research project called “A School in Crisis: Changing crisis discourses and unchanging figures of thought, 1950-2020” we explore this debate from a historical perspective. Three main clusters of questions are addressed: How have school crises been described and explained over time? What kinds of (professional) participants have been dominant in formulating school related problems over time? What kinds of solutions to solve crises have been launched?


Joakim Landahl is a professor of education at Stockholm University, where he leads the research group ‘History of education and sociology of education.’ His current research is centered on the history of international comparisons of education and the role of crisis narratives in educational discourse. He is also interested in educational policy, especially the role of education ministers, and has written a biography of a Swedish minister of education (Fridtjuv Berg).

Twitter: @joakimlandahl