Jo Facer

Vice Principal
Speaking at

National Conference


The teaching ‘marathon’: towards a sustainable profession

43,832 teachers responded to the government’s 2014 workload consultation. Increasing workload is a major issue in many schools, causing an unsustainable exodus of teachers from their classrooms. This session will explore ways to make teaching a profession we can survive and thrive in for the long term, considering issues such as planning, marking and whole-school systems.


I’ve worked in a number of schools as an English teacher, Head of Department, and Deputy Head. I write regularly at, although I read even more regularly.


What to do less of in lessons
This session focuses on three things all teachers could and should do less of: marking, activities and ignoring poor pupil behaviour. Through sharing some of the innovative practices of Michaela Community School in Brent, where we do not mark, we teach didactically and we pick pupils up on every tiny detail, this session shines a light on what we could lose in our lessons, and how teachers can relentlessly simplify to make life easier for themselves, and learning more powerful for pupils.

We have overcomplicated teaching

This session will explore some of the ways teaching has been overcomplicated in recent years, and offer an alternative: no frills, low effort, high impact strategies that can secure teacher well-being and excellent pupil progress, using examples from Michaela Community School.