Jo-Anne Gross

President, Founder, Clinical developer, Remediation Plus Systems



Testing and Analyzing a Struggling Reader /Speller to Remediate

There is compelling reading research that has been in the field since the completion of the NICHD research study and the National Reading Panel 2001.
Phonemic awareness and phonological awareness training can have rapid and sustaining results that allow students to overcome the majority of their struggle when this deficit is dealt with in an explicit and systematic manner but Universities have been lax in training teachers how to assess and follow through on this breakthrough knowledge.It is important to upset the apple cart and stop using “guided reading” for orthographic processing problems.

We will look at case studies,before and after and discuss the underlying deficits that keep students locked out of Reading..
We`ll quickly review the meaning of the language that accompanies a new important field called the “Science of Reading”.


I had a child with Dyslexia. I was educated in the field of medicine and 20 years ago when my son had his breakthrough at the Gow School in Grade 8 I began to question why after 3 assessments we were never able to access the kind of intervention that created such an incredible difference.I have studied all over the U.S and developed an intervention clinically that is didactic, trains teachers how to apply research and provides them with a supportive curriculum.I learned that there were no trained teachers,an unbelievable crisis In 2015 Remediation Plus was in a gold standard study in Wisconsin through Johns Hopkins U and competed with RR and LLI in a K-3 Title 1 district.
To date I have trained over 1,000 teachers / several speech paths.