Jessica Hintze

Programme coordinator and policy advisor Erasmus+ school sector.
Speaking at

Lisa Rannikko

Programme officer for strategic partnerships, Erasmus+


How can research(ers) learn from and interact with schools in international co-operation projects?

Erasmus+ provides an opportunity for schools and research to meet, interact and develop best practices across country borders. What role can school research(ers) and schools play in the development of a European education area? How can you take part in the professional development of schools within an international and collaborative learning environment?


Jessica Hintze:

Jessica Hintze works at the department for international co-operation at the Swedish Council for Higher Education. She is the programme co-ordinator and policy advisor for the Erasmus+ programme at the Swedish National Agency. The Erasmus+ programme supports continuous professional development and school development cooperation for schools and higher education.

Lisa Rannikko:

Lisa is a Programme Officer at the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR). Her field of expertise is the Strategic Partnership Action, which is a part of the Erasmus+ Programme. She is mainly working with Partnerships and organisations active within the school education sector.



Opportunities for school development through international exchange

How can Erasmus+ and the Nordplus programme support school development between countries in Europe? An increased budget for the school sector from the European Commission will make it possible for your organisation to work with continuous professional development and to cooperate on school development and innovation. The programmes enable exchanges between countries and different fields of education in Europe. There are several possibilities for exchanges such as job shadowing, course opportunities, co-operation and development of pedagogical ideas and methods, exchange of good practices and even the involvement of pupils and students in transnational activities.