Jeffrey Buckley

PhD Postdoctoral Researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology & Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland
Speaking at


The importance and usefulness of comparative judgement for educational assessment

While comparative judgement has now been around for a number of years, it continues to be used in a variety of new ways and across multiple subjects. Jeffrey has specific experience using comparative judgement in design education which he will discuss as well as presenting other applications described in the literature. The intention of this presentation is to show both how comparative judgement works in practice for assessing students work, and also to demonstrate some of its other educational uses as well.


Jeffrey is a postdoctoral researcher in engineering education at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, and Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland. He received his PhD from KTH in 2018 where he studied the role of spatial ability in learning which he is continuing in Athlone. In KTH, Jeffrey is researching students’ interest in engineering education with a particular emphasis on their beliefs about the discipline. Jeffrey has been a member of the Technology Education Research Group (TERG) since 2014 and has been using Adaptive Comparative Judgement both for educational assessment and research in a variety of contexts since then.

Twitter: @jeffbuckley92