Jason Kamras

Chief of Instructional Practice for the District of Columbia Public Schools
Speaking at

researchED Washington


The Next LEAP Forward for DCPS

Most teacher professional development is boring and doesn’t work. We’re changing that. Learn the story of DCPS’s LEAP program, which has one simple goal: shift instruction across the district from good to great. This unprecedented investment in teacher development is called LEAP, or LEarning together to Advance our Practice. At its core, LEAP is about helping teachers become truly expert at teaching the DCPS Common Core-aligned curriculum – so that every student across the city experiences rich, engaging, and challenging instruction every day. To do this, teachers engage in a weekly cycle of development in small content-specific professional learning communities (LEAP Teams) at their schools. These teams are led by content experts (LEAP Leaders) at their schools. Come explore what distinguishes LEAP from other PD models.


Jason Kamras is the Chief of Instructional Practice for the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS). As part of this work, Mr. Kamras recently launched an innovative new approach to teacher development called LEAP (LEarning together to Advance our Practice). LEAP is built around small, subject-specific professional learning communities that engage in a weekly cycle of planning, practicing, observing, and providing feedback on lessons. Prior to his current role, Mr. Kamras served as the Chief of Human Capital for DCPS, overseeing the district’s efforts to attract and retain outstanding teachers, principals, and central office staff. Before joining the central office, Mr. Kamras taught mathematics for eight years and, in 2005, was named the United States National Teacher of the Year in 2005.