Jamie Martin

Founder & CEO, Injini – Africa’s EdTech incubator
Speaking at


Why most EdTech makes no positive impact on education in Africa, and how we we can use evidence to fix that

I will outline some of the problems in the way EdTech is used in Africa – focusing on the wrong problems, a lack of evidence based approaches, not involving teachers – and suggest ways that we can fix them. Along the way I’ll explain the myths that pervade and hold back EdTech, and highlight the evidence that shows how to take it forward – including naming problems in education that I believe it can solve. I’ll explain a little of what we do at Injini, and ask your advice on how we can better engage teachers.

Warning – this session will be delivered via direct, explicit instruction, there will be no group work, differentiation, or catering for varied learning styles, and mobile phones are banned.


Jamie Martin is the son of a teacher and a social worker. He is the co-Founder & CEO of Injini, the first EdTech incubator or accelerator on the African continent. Based in SA, Injini invests in African EdTech innovations & works with them to scale across the continent. He has over a decade of experience advising governments and businesses on education across the world, including as Special Adviser to the UK Secretary of State for Education and a management consultant in the UK and Middle East.