Holly Shapiro, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

Founder and  Director, Ravinia Reading Center
Speaking at

researchED Washington


The Evidence is in the Language: Teaching Reading with Linguistics-Based Instruction

This talk will share how one speech pathologist built an innovative linguistics-based program for teaching students to read. In challenging conventional wisdom of approaches to reading that focus on rules and their exceptions, this presentation demonstrates the enormous benefits of applying scientific evidence in customized reading instruction. Learning the English language as a system where phonology, morphology, and etymology all play nicely together opens doors for children struggling to read, and leads to enduring understanding and application.


Holly Shapiro Ph.D. CCC-SLP, is the Founder and Director of Ravinia Reading Center, the only reading clinic on Earth owned and staffed entirely by speech-language pathologists. For 30 years, Holly has honed her practice as uncompromisingly pro-science and pioneering in its approach to linguistics-based instruction. Holly has had sustained success leveraging expertise of speech pathologists’ training to teach children using customized instruction that harmonizes phonology, morphology, and etymology. When she’s not working with students, you can hear Holly playing drums alongside other local Chicago musicians, with whom she shares her many culinary delights.