Heather Fearn

Ofsted Inspector Curriculum and Development Lead, Ofsted
Speaking at


Towards the Education Inspection Framework 2019

Ofsted is preparing for its new inspection framework for September 2019. This session will share the work Ofsted has been doing to develop a framework which considers curriculum quality. The session will outline how Ofsted consider the curriculum impacts on overall quality of education and the research which has informed this understanding. The progress building the new framework will be shared, particularly the organisation of the framework around considerations of curriculum intent, implementation and impact.


Heather Fearn is Inspector Curriculum and Development Lead at Ofsted. In this role she is contributing to the development of Ofsted’s new inspection framework for 2019. She also develops inspector training materials, primarily to prepare Ofsted’s workforce for inspecting using the new framework. Heather’s expertise lies particularly in curriculum and assessment and she won an award from Cambridge University for her own Masters research on curricular progression in history.
Before working for Ofsted Heather was an Executive Vice Principal for the Inspiration Trust contributing to their innovative work creating ‘knowledge-rich’ teaching resources and curricula. Heather is also a well-known education blogger.


What Knowledge? What types of prior knowledge best assist subsequent learning?

This session will interest those curious to explore the implications of E.D. Hirsch’s core knowledge curriculum ideas and also those already grappling with the practicalities of developing a knowledge rich curriculum in their school. Although the session will be of particular interest to history teachers, the conclusions of the Heather’s research, outlined in this session, are of much broader relevance.