Gobinder Gill

Teaching & Learning Coach


Trainability of Emotional Intelligence for Teacher Training

Emotional intelligence is the ability to regulate and control one’s own emotion and that of others. Teacher trainees would be entering a new profession that associates to emotional regulation for both peers and students they teach. As a consequence, the use of emotional intelligence in failitating teacher training practices becomes important. Specifically, teacher trainees will face numerous challenges that they must control. Emotional regulation and subsequent control can lead to and has proved effectiveness in teaching. In addition, enhanced emotional intelligence leads to wellbeing and positivity. Again, this is crucial as the greater challenges are leading to attritional rates amongst the teaching profession. The purpose here therefore is 3 fold. One is to evidence base the work of emotional intelligence within organisational settings and it’s effectiveness. Two, to address who emotional intelligence can enhance and facilitate teaching practices for teacher trainees and therefore providing them with an additional resource. Three, to address how further research within emotional intelligence and teacher training/ teaching can prevent burnout and support wellbeing/positivity. Indeed, a workforce that demonstrates emotional balance can only support strategic aims of the establishment they serve. Together, it can be proposed how emotional intelligence is also ideal for use within tutorial settings and staff development programmes.


Gobinder is a Teaching & Learning Coach who specialises in Sport Psychology & Research Methods. Currently, he is undertaking a PhD in emotional intelligence & teacher training. Gobinder has produced a number of research articles on emotional intelligence and in addition wrote books. These books use a model of emotional intelligence within both teaching and tutorials in addition to sports coaching. In keeping up with knowledge and teaching Gobinder has spoke at a number of events in the United Kingdom and abroad. Gobinder has the ability to engage his audiences because he applies theory/content into practical opportunities for practitioners to use in their professional practices.

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