Frank Furedi

emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent


Education Forum: Is being mentally ill the new normal in education?


Dr. Frank Furedi, is an emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent. He is the author of Wasted: Why Education Is Not Educating, the Power of Reading From Socrates to Twitter and What’s Happened To The University.

Furedi has written extensively about issues to do with education and cultural life. His study, Where Have All The Intellectuals Gone?Deals with the lowering of expectations in cultural and intellectual life in contemporary western societies. His book, Wasted: Why Education Is Not Educating deals with the disturbing tendency to devalue the status of knowledge in the curriculum and with the erosion of adult authority on schooling.  This theme is developed in relation to the growing tendency to problematize reading. His study,The Power of Reading: From Socrates to Twitter, looks how reading transformed the world and continues to change our lives. His study, What’s Happened To The University: A Sociological Exploration of Its Infantilisationexplores the current regime of socialization in western societies. He is currently engaged in a study titled ‘Socialisation and the problem of identity’.  He is passionately committed to promoting the ideals of a humanists education and his writings on higher education are devoted to affirming the value of the liberal arts.


Why Is Reading Always in Crisis’

The so-called reading wars and the competing claims made about evidence and suggests that what lies behind the disputes are uncertainties about the socialisation of children