Keiran Dhunna

supply Teacher/writer

Dr Pete Bradshaw


The Floating Teacher: exploring the use of teacher videos within the classroom

The speakers will be sharing insights and findings from their research which explored use of the teacher in videos to support learning within the classroom. A fellowship was awarded for the work in September 2015 but the researchers intend to publish a more detailed, in depth analysis in August 2017; despite being a few years overdue, the work is still relevant and they believe others will be able to build upon it in future.


Keiran Dhunna‘s career in education started as an upper KS2 Teacher in 2013. Having recently returned from travelling at that time, she designed an informal project out of personal interest (Culture Chat to undertake with her class that centred on building the skills of digital awareness and cultural understanding, which soon gained attention and led to invitations to write and speak. Since then, she has delivered webinars, written extensively and spoken at events about a variety of educational aspects whilst also remaining linked to her roots as a teacher.


Dr Pete Bradshaw – bio coming soon