Keiran Dhunna

supply Teacher/writer

Justin Gray

Head of School at St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School


Perceptions of race, culture and diversity in education

In June 2016 Halliwell and Gray began exploring perceptions of race, culture and diversity in education through a three stage, multi-level research project that encompasses engaging with trainees, teachers’ and pupils’. A paper discussing the first stage – focused on trainees – was self-published in November 2016 and has subsequently been shared widely across the sector. Due to stage two of the research currently being underway, there is a limit to how much can be shared about the process of analysis and data collection but data collection will have ended by August and insights from stage two (exploring teacher perceptions) will also be able to be shared at rED17. Being exploratory, the research was more aligned to a socio-cultural perspective and the limitations of approach are acknowledged along with barriers the researchers faced.


Keiran Dhunna‘s career in education started as an upper KS2 Teacher in 2013. Having recently returned from travelling at that time, she designed an informal project out of personal interest (Culture Chat to undertake with her class that centred on building the skills of digital awareness and cultural understanding, which soon gained attention and led to invitations to write and speak. Since then, she has delivered webinars, written extensively and spoken at events about a variety of educational aspects whilst also remaining linked to her roots as a teacher.

Justin Gray has worked for the majority of his career in Birmingham primary schools. He also has 8 years teacher education experience as PGCE programme leader at Newman University. He’s currently a Head of School at St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School alongside continued responsibility for a University MA route on leadership.