Emily Hanford (moderator)

Senior Correspondent, APM Reports, American Public Media

Jasmine Lane

English Teacher, MN High School

Lindsay Kemeny

Elementary School Teacher, Davis School District

Margaret Goldberg

TSA: Early Literacy Lead, Oakland Unified School District


A Conversation with Teachers: Grappling with the cognitive science on reading

Emily Hanford (moderator), Margaret Goldberg, Lindsay Kemeny and Jasmine Lane
Emily Hanford will moderate a panel with three teachers who will discuss the divide between research and practice when it comes to early reading instruction. They’ll talk about the challenges they faced when it came to learning about the science of reading, the obstacles in implementing it, and their ongoing efforts (and frustrations) in raising awareness among their colleagues and supervisors. Bring your questions and your thoughts on why it’s so hard to get reading instruction right and how to bring more teachers into this critical conversation.


Emily Hanford is a senior correspondent and producer for APM Reports, the documentary and investigative journalism group at American Public Media. She’s been covering education for more than a decade and has spent the last three years focused mostly on early reading instruction. She’s produced a trilogy of podcasts and articles on the wide gap between research and practice when it comes to how children are taught to read (Hard to Read, Hard Words, At a Loss for Words — all available at apmreports.org and on the Educate podcast). She is based in Washington, D.C.

Jasmine Lane, a first-generation college graduate, is a first-year high school English teacher in Minnesota. She has a master’s degree in education and is licensed to teach 5-12 English Language Arts.

Lindsay Kemeny has been teaching for 8 years and currently teaches kindergarten. After her son was diagnosed with dyslexia and depression, she began her deep dive into effective literacy instruction and what students with learning disabilities really need. She and her husband live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area with their 4 children. Read about her journey at www.thelearningspark.blogspot.com.

Margaret Goldberg is a teacher on special assignment in Oakland Unified School District, California. She leads a grant-funded project with a cohort of fifteen schools dedicated to implementing evidence-based reading instruction in primary grade classrooms. Her work with the cohort was featured on the APM Reports documentary At a Loss for Words. Previously, she was a classroom teacher, curriculum developer, reading interventionist, and literacy coach.