Elizabeth Hutchinson

Head of Schools’ Library Service

Speaking at


Teachers and School Librarians working together to raise academic attainment

Collaboration with the school librarian not only saves you time but also increases independent learning and students attainment. Digital and information literacy is an essential part of any school curriculum and school librarians have been looking for ways to support teachers in more innovative ways than ever before.

School librarians are perfectly placed to help teachers who are ready to embrace innovative technology in the classroom but do not have time to learn for themselves. I have spent the last few years focusing on digital tools such as Flipgrid, Padlet and Google Hangouts and will explain how we have been using these to connect our students across the world whilst using them to teach digital citizenship and research skills.

These tools provide the opportunity to open the doors of the classroom creating real-life learning opportunities. School Librarians are training, supporting and making connections across the world engaging, co-teaching and supporting research skills and creating independent learners within the classroom. For example, we have used Flipgrid to help students evaluate online resources and Hangouts enabled us to teach creating a good question. It is not about the tools it is about the opportunities that they are providing.

This workshop will give the opportunity to learn how to use these resources and understand how they link with information literacy/research skills and independent learning within the classroom.


I have worked in Libraries all my working life. I gained my degree in librarianship after having my four children. I chartered in 2006 and achieved my masters in 2016 and am hoping to gain my Fellowship this year. My main interest is information literacy and its importance in the curriculum. I strongly believe that schools need to embed it at policy level in order for it to be effective. Collaboration with teachers is where my research has taken me and advocacy of school librarians is a keen area of interest. I came runner up for the LILAC Information Literacy Award in 2016. I have presented at conferences internationally, write a blog and a regular column for CILIP Information Professional.