Efrat Furst

Education Consultant, Bridging (Neuro)Science and Education



“Yes, Retrieval Practice is highly effective for learning BUT…” The barriers to widespread application and means to overcome them.

This session is about the lessons learned from a seven-year journey dedicated to advancing effective learning strategies among educators and learners. I will present a research-based, classroom-oriented philosophy that emphasizes: face-to-face bi-directional communication, specially-designed materials, practical application, and directed attention to the barriers and difficulties. Using the example of Retrieval Practice, I will focus on three steps, necessary in my view, to advance successful application: First, a clear, visual presentation of the retrieval process from a learning-brain perspective, and the benefits of retrieval practice for learning. Second, understanding the psychological difficulties that prevent many learners from adopting retrieval as a common practice. Critically, I will reason that educators hold the key to the solution. Last, acknowledging that even informed educators face major barriers to application: what are the barriers and what can be done to support educators in the transformation process?


Efrat Furst is a former cognitive neuroscientist, fascinated by the neural substrates of learning and memory. Working to bridge the science of learning with the practice of learners and educators across levels and fields. Dedicated to advance learning by both research-inspired teaching and teaching-inspired research.