Chris Stewart (moderator)

Beth Hawkins

National Correspondent and Senior Writer, The 74 Million

Matt Barnum

National reporter, Chalkbeat

Rebecca Klein

Senior reporter, The Huffington Post


Education Media Panel

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Beth Hawkins has been a journalist for 35 years, reporting primarily on K-12 education for the last 13. Though she does most of her work in her capacity as a staff reporter at The 74 Million, her education writing has appeared in Edutopia, Education Next, US News and World Report, the Atlantic and other regional and national outlets. She is happiest when her work takes her inside a school where great things are happening. She lives in Minneapolis, where she also advocates for a daughter who has disabilities — a role that informs her work.

Matt Barnum is a national reporter for Chalkbeat, covering education policy, politics, and research. Previously he was a staff writer at The 74, the policy director for Educators for Excellence New York, and a middle school language arts teacher in Colorado.

Rebecca Klein is a senior reporter for The Huffington Post, where she covers education, policy and politics. She’s covered education since 2013 — she was inspired to tackle the beat after taking an eye-opening class in college about the history of urban schools. Before Rebecca worked at HuffPost, she was a public radio producer at WNYC.