Dr Debbie Morgan

Director for Primary Mathematics, The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics
Speaking at


Teaching for Mastery: Learning from Shanghai

At least 5000 primary schools and a significant number of secondary schools are currently engaged in the process of changing the way mathematics is taught and adopting a teaching for mastery approach. The programme has been informed by the England China Exchange Programme, which is now in its fifth year. This session will explore the pedagogy underpinning teaching in Shanghai, dispelling some of the myths and drawing from both the research literature and personal experience.


Debbie Morgan holds a national role as Director of Primary Mathematics at the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics. Her current responsibilities include providing advice and expertise to the Department for Education regarding the development and implementation of mathematics policy. She leads on national government initiatives, including the Teaching for Mastery and the England China Exchange programmes. She has studied and analysed textbooks from East Asian countries and led on the writing and publication of the NCETM textbook guidance.. She has extensive experience in education, including headship, LA advisor and University Lecturer and has been involved in the development of the popular CBeebies TV programme Numberbl.