Doreen Nabaho

Head of Data Insights & Analytics, Injini – Africa’s EdTech Incubator
Speaking at


Beyond the edtech hype – lessons from Africa’s first edtech incubator

This presentation will be an opportunity for Injini to share the lessons we have learnt from selecting, supporting and investing in technology startups that aim to improve education across the continent, and particularly education for marginalised populations with low incomes and for whom technological infrastructure is still limited. Injini will share insights on what education problems the leading edtech innovators are tackling with a focus on the evidence & research that was used to inform the decisions to select some startups & not others.
The danger with mindlessly using technology for education isn’t just that it would be a waste of time, but that the effect could be particularly catastrophic in Africa where incomes are low and we can’t afford to invest meager resources in things that clearly don’t work. However, we also must to leave room for innovation, so this is currently a balance we must strike. The session will end with a call & tips on how evidence-driven educators can get involved in designing home-grown edtech solutions that work for Africa.


Doreen currently leads the data insights and analytics efforts at Injini – Africa’s EdTech incubator, where she supports technology businesses that aspire to make Africa excel by improving the continent’s education landscape. Doreen’s education background is in chemical engineering (BSc and PhD from the University of Cape Town) & before joining Injini, she worked as a postdoctoral research fellow and then as a management consultant for The Economist.