Derrell Bradford

Executive Vice President, 50CAN/Executive Director, NYCAN/Senior Visiting Fellow, Thomas B Fordham Institute


Practice-Policy-Prep Panel

In this panel discussion, four of US education’s most experienced and insightful thinkers (50CAN’s Derrell Bradford, NCTQ’s Kate Walsh, and Johns Hopkins University’s David Steiner, moderated by Robert Pondiscio) will discuss the role of evidence in shaping current ed policies, practices, and professional preparation.

Attend for insights–and to perhaps ask questions you might have–about (1) how soundly education policy/practices/preparation are based in evidence, (2) priorities policymakers/practitioners/preparation designers should be setting for near- and short-term improvements, (3) how everyday practitioners can have an impact on (1) and (2), and more.


In his national role, Derrell recruits and trains local leaders across the 50CAN network for roles as CAN executive directors, fellows and YouCAN advocates. Derrell continues his work as the executive director of NYCAN and on network-wide innovations like the Corps Knowledge project. Derrell frequently contributes to education debates in print, digital, radio and TV media. He serves on several boards dedicated to putting the needs of students and families first, including Success Academy Charter Schools, EdBuild, The Partnership for Educational Justice, NACSA and The Parent Coalition for Excellent Education.