David Shanks

MFL Consultant – Harris Federation
Speaking at


3 Ways Forward in MFL: Technology, Networks & Research
This session will consider three main areas that could help leaders, teachers and students tackle the new MFL specifications and more generally help us develop better linguists:
1. Technology. How can technology be used to bridge the formal and informal learning environments in MFL, provide platforms for spaced repetition and streamline formative and summative assessment?
2. Networks. How can professional, digital and student networks be harnessed to avoid reinventing the wheel, disseminate best practice and involve students in authentic language interactions?
3. Research. From Ebbinghaus, to Willingham, to the TSC’s Language Pedagogy Review – what research can inform our MFL practice and what does this look like in the classroom?

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David works as a consultant and SLE developing the MFL provision across a group of over 40 primary and secondary schools in London. He holds a PGCE in French from the Institute of Education and taught English in France and Maths/IT in Norway before teaching French in London. He has delivered PGCE, TeachFirst and School Direct MFL training and leads the Harris ITT MFL Programme. He is a member of ALL, NALA, APPG for MFL, the TSC Language Pedagogy Review roundtable, the TeachFirst Expert Mentor Group and KCL’s MA in Ed & Prof studies cohort. His main interests lie in technology, assessment and research-informed MFL practice.