Christian Lundahl

Professor of Education, Örebro university
Speaking at


The Beauty of PISA – Governing with aesthetics

The presentation will contribute with a new perspective regarding how representations of education can be collected and analyzed by focusing on the politics of graphical representations of OECD’s PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) scores. It is argued that there is an aesthetic dimension in the politics of PISA that frames our picture of education, and that shows us what is important and what we should look at. There is also a political dimension in the aesthetics of PISA representations that moves our senses and emotions concerning education—that is, how we feel about it.

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Christian Lundahl (b. 1972) is Professor of education at Örebro University. Lundahl is specialized in the history of assessments, evaluation and of Swedish educational research. Lundahl is presently involved in research projects concerning the production and internationalization of data in education systems. Together with Joakim Landahl he recently published the book Bortom PISA – internationell och jämförande pedagogik (Natur och Kultur).

Twitter: @drlundahl