Chris Brown

Professor Of Education, University of Portsmouth
Speaking at

Jens Ideland

Senior lecturer in collegial learning, City of Malmö

Marie Sjöblom

PhD Candidate in Mathematics Education, Malmö University, Senior lecturer in collegial learning, City of Malmö


Enhancing collegial learning: Support for professional learning networks and research use in Malmö

In Malmö, all public upper secondary and adult education schools are involved in a professional learning network (PLN). By now introducing Research Learning Communities (RLC) (Brown, 2017), lead teachers and school leaders are not only supported to better understand and use research when working with school development, the RLCs also facilitate collaborative aspects of the PLN. This session presents the RLC concept as well as a feedback dialogue model and a visual model of cooperation that have been developed in Malmö in order to support collaboration, dialogue and a shared view and ownership between different levels of the PLN.


Chris Brown – With a long standing interest in how evidence can aid education policy and practice, Chris has written/edited seven books (including ‘Leading the Use of Research and Evidence in schools’), several papers and has presented on the subject at a number of international conferences in Europe, Asia and North and South America. Chris has extensive experience of leading funded projects which seek to help practitioners to identify and scale up best practice, and was recently awarded a significant grant by the Education Endowment Foundation to work with 100+ primary schools in England to increase their use of research.

Twitter: @chrisbrown1475

Jens Ideland is a senior lecturer at the department of upper secondary and adult education in Malmö. In this role, he focuses on connecting school development work to research and strengthening the collaboration with higher education concerning teacher training and practice-based research. He also teaches music theory and ear training. In his spare time, he is a doctoral student in applied information technology at the University of Gothenburg.

Marie Sjöblom works as a senior lecturer, supporting school development processes and collegial learning at all public upper secondary and adult education schools in Malmö. She is also a PhD-student at Malmö University, studying how teachers can promote student-to-student interaction in multilingual mathematics classrooms.

Twitter:  @sjoblom_marie