Catherine Scott

Independent education consultant


Either 1. When to believe the hype: picking the good stuff from the bad OR 2.Memory and learning: The most reliable and usefult findings from cognitive psychology

1. Since education was reconceived as a ‘market’ educators have been beset by people and companies hoping to sell them professional development, resources and/or programs. This session provides guidance on how to assess the claims of those who come calling with something to sell: how to spot well supported useful ‘products’ from the opposite.

2. Learning is reliant on memory and cognitive psychology has a long history of investigating memory and how it works most efficiently. This session will briefly cover the current model of learning and how this provides teachers with guidance for their practice. It will introduce the most reputable and replicated findings on memory. I will also introduce the concept of ‘meta memory’ and why it is an important concept for teachers.


Catherine Scott is a qualified teacher and has taught in primary and secondary schools. She also trained as a school psychologist and has a masters qualification in developmental psychology, including a thesis on cognitive development in preschool children. She has a PhD in developmental psychology and has developed considerable expertise in cognitive and educational psychology. For 28 years she worked as an academic in a number of Australian and overseas universities, where she taught psychology and research methods subjects to a wide range of pre-service professionals, including teachers. In addition she conducted well regarded research on a number of psychology and education related topic