Carol Davenport

Northumbria University


Girl jobs and boy jobs?

Think: nurse, engineer, primary school teacher, or taxi driver. Who do you picture? Could you see yourself doing one of those jobs? We know that some careers and industries have been dominated by a single gender. Does it matter?
In this session we will look at the outcomes of research carried out by Northumbria University into career aspirations of primary school children. We’ll use the findings to think about why children think there are girl jobs and boy jobs, and what we, as educators, can do about it.


Carol Davenport is director of NUSTEM at Northumbria University, and works closely with partner schools in the North East to show children, parents and teachers the opportunities available in STEM careers. She is a science educator who has worked with students of all ages: primary, secondary, FE as well as with trainee and experienced teachers. Carol is involved in curriculum design and assessment for a range of organisations including exam boards. She is also the author of a number of textbooks.


Unconscious Bias in the classroom

Does how we talk with the young people in our classroom affect their choices and attitudes? In this session we will look at the theory of unconscious bias and how this affects students in the classroom.

  • Discover what research has to say about unconscious bias
  • Understand the effect that unconscious bias can have on students
  • Identify strategies to help challenge gender bias.

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