Carl Hendrick

Head of Research Wellington College

Robin MacPherson

Assistant head, Dollar academy


What Does This Look Like in The Classroom? Bridging the gap between research and practice

It is a travesty that despite millions being spent every year on expensive professional development, many classroom teachers still have very little agency over what happens in their own classrooms, often at the whim of whatever fad or new initiative is currently in vogue. This is compounded by the fact that a lot of education research is inaccessible to classroom teachers. This session aims to address some of these issues and offer some practical examples of using research in the classroom.


Carl Hendrick is the head of learning and research at Wellington College where he teaches English. He is also completing a PhD at King’s College London. He has taught for several years in both the state and independent sectors where has worked on several cross sectoral collaborations and is a co-director of the Telegraph Festival of Education. In 2014 he established the Wellington Learning and Research Centre.

He tweets in a personal capacity at @C_Hendrick

Robin Macpherson is Assistant Rector at Dollar Academy in Scotland. He was previously Head of Professional Learning at Wellington College where he was Content Director for the Telegraph Festival of Education. He has written history textbooks for CUP and is co-author of ‘What does this look like in the classroom? Bridging the gap between research and practice’ With Carl Hendrick. He is a community champion for the educational charity Remembering Srebrenica and his Twitter handle is @robin_macp.