Carl Hendrick

Head of Learning and Research, Wellington College
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Six Things Every Teacher Needs to Know

There is mounting evidence which suggests that a lot of what teachers have been asked to do in the classroom has been at best ineffective, and at worst a waste of time. This has led to an often unsustainable level of workload and teacher burnout. This session will attempt to break down the essential components of a successful classroom based on key research.


Dr Carl Hendrick is author of ‘What Does This Look Like in the Classroom?’ He holds a PhD in education from King’s College London and has taught for several years in both the state and independent sectors where he has worked on several cross sectoral collaborations. He currently teaches English at Wellington College where he has held the positions of head of English and director of learning and research and is an organiser of the Festival of Education at Wellington College. He is currently co-writing a book with Prof. Paul Kirschner on seminal works in education.

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What Research Should English teachers Know About?

For many English teachers there is a whistle stop tour of research in their PGCE year then limited opportunities to engage with research thereafter. This session seeks to give practical advice to classroom practitioners on how to link research to practice.

Becoming a Research Engaged School

With the emergence of evidence based practice there is a huge interest in harnessing the lessons from education research for school improvement. However many school leaders have difficulty in mobilising that huge body of information and harnessing it at the point of use resulting in a real gap between research and practice. This session seeks to give practical advice to school leaders and classroom practitioners on how to link research to practice.


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