Candida Javaid

Assistant Headteacher Bridgwater College Trust
Speaking at

Crista Hazell

Head of MFL


Lesson learnt. What MFL can learn from cognitive science and vice versa.

In MFL, learners have to deal with vocabulary acquisition, grammar, and the sound/pronunciation of words. This ‘knowledge is not sufficient but it is necessary’ (Peter C. Brown, Make it Stick). Too often, teachers don’t allow their students enough time to master the content, which results in students perceiving languages as ‘too hard’. In this session, Crista and Candida will share how strategies from cognitive science can positively impact students’ learning experience.


Candida Javaid is an Assistant Headteacher in charge of Professional Development at Bridgwater College Trust and former Head of MFL in Bristol. She works with teachers of all phases on their pedagogy, using principles of cognitive science to inform the professional dialogue.

Crista Hazell is Head of MFL in the Southwest with the mission to getting all learners to speak confidently in a foreign language. She successfully uses principles of cognitive science in her lessons.