Bondo Nyembwe

Executive Director at Academia Cesar Chavez


School Transformation: Does leadership matter?

Transforming a school is a journey that many principals aspire to do. However, only a few principals accomplish this attainable task. Does leadership matter? if so how? Transforming a school requires three levers, Focus on what is important, Leading by example and Rewarding success. In this presentation, you will become energized by the Pillars for Learning, the power of unwavering instructional leadership that allows for the transformation of any school especially the more diverse schools in our nation.


Bondo Nyembwe has worked as a principal and executive director for 13 years in urban schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. He focuses his work first on creating common practices to build a positive school climate for teaching and learning, and second on student achievement, always featuring significant translation of research into practice. He is the author of “Teachers of Color Face Shortage: What does it mean to our growing numbers of minority students?”