Ben White

Psychology teacher and research lead, Ashford Teaching Alliance
Speaking at


How engaging with workload research can actually help schools improve (and keep!) their teachers.

Teachers often cite excessive workload as a significant factor in their decision to leave the profession. Teacher retention is currently worse in England than it has been for a number of years. Meanwhile, schools frequently make demands of of their staff which increase workload despite having little or no plausible link to sustainable improvements to student learning. Ben’s sesion will draw on recently published educational and psychological research relating to workload, burnout and staff engagement. He will identify specific school practices associated with unhelpful workload, their inherent limitations, and the reasons for their prevalence. There will be a particular emphasis upon the issue from a data use and analysis perspective. Having explored the extent and likely causes of unhelpful workload Ben will identify a number of ways in which research-informed teachers and school-leaders can reduce workload whilst potentially improving working conditions and outcomes for pupils.


Ben White is a psychology teacher and research lead for Ashford Teaching Alliance. He recently completed a research project for NCTL/DfE on data use and workload which was carried out in 24 schools across the South-East. He is a member of the DfE’s advisory group on data use, technology and workload due to publish in September. He occasionally writes articles and blogs which he shares via his twitter account @WaldenKent. Ben is a member of CEBE’s secretariat (Coalition for Evidence Based Education) with whom he is exploring the evidence base for school leadership training. He co-founded Walden Education a training and consultancy group.