Ben Breen

Mathematics in Science Education


Mathematics in Science Education

Against the backdrop of increased mathematical content in the 9-1 GCSE, and associated concerns from pupils across all three sciences, it has never been more important to integrate mathematics into every science lesson. Drawing on experience teaching both Physics and Mathematics up to key stage 5, and managing curricula across both subjects, this session explores practical ways to ensure your students are best prepared for the mathematical rigour of GCSE and A-level courses in all three sciences. Exploring common student difficulties with algebra, data analysis, unit conversion and complex problem solving, the session aims to apply the effective teaching strategies used in mathematics teaching to a scientific context.


Ben Breen is a former head of physics and current head of GCSE mathematics at Dartford Grammar School, and course leader for a teacher subject specialism training course in Physics accredited by the University of Sussex. He has particular interests in promoting the integration of science and mathematics pedagogy across departments; developing resilience in students of all abilities; and embedding challenge throughout the curriculum.