Åsa Plesner

Co-founder, Tankesmedjan Balans
Speaking at


Why are teachers so tired?

In the 1980s being a public sector employee was the best choice women in Sweden could make for their health. In the 2010s, it’s the worst choice. How and why did teaching and other public sector professions become health hazards? In this session, we’ll cover 30 years of public governance, and discuss how little-known aspects of Swedish administrative policy may have very real effects on the work situation for teachers and other professions in education.


Åsa is a former administrative manager of adult education and primary schools, and a masters student in public administration. As co-founder of Tankesmedjan Balans, she researches, writes and speaks about how governance of the public sector affects the health of teachers, doctors, nurses and other public sector staff.

Twitter: @asaplsnr