Åsa Hirsh

PhD, assistant professor, University of Gothenburg
Speaking at


“I don’t know how she does it – but she creates magic”

In this session part of a larger research project, aiming at coming closer to answering the question of what characterizes ‘successful’ teaching, is presented. In order to do so, we sought to find and interview ‘successful’ teachers and their students. This presentation focuses on the students’ perspectives. A total of 102 students aged 16-18 were interviewed based on the overall research questions: 1/ How do students describe inclusive and knowledge-enhancing teaching? (What is it?), and 2/ How do the students describe that teachers create inclusive and knowledge-enhancing teaching? (How is it done?)


Åsa teaches and does her research the University of Gothenburg and Jönköping University. Both research and teaching focus on issues relating to educational assessment, teacher’s formative classroom work, teacher-driven school development, and organization and leadership in school-developing processes. Theoretically she takes her starting point in sociocultural and activity theoretical perspectives.