Anna Lind Pantzare

Project leader, Umeå University
Speaking at


Digitalization of the national tests in science and mathematics, possibilities and challenges

The Swedish national tests are to be digitalized in 2022. The main aims with the digitalization are to make them more efficient, equal and fair. During this session I will present some of the thoughts we, who develop the tests, have on the digitalization of the tests in science and mathematics. I will also discuss potential possibilities and obstacles with digital tests in those subjects. In addition, some examples of digital test items will be presented.


Anna is project leader for the commission to develop the national tests in science subjects for school year nine and mathematics in upper secondary school courses 2-4. She has been working with the tests for nearly 20 years, to begin with as test developer and since 2013 as project leader. Anna has also conducted research on validity issues connected to the national tests. For the moment, much of the work focus on the digitalisation of the national tests.