Ann Walters

PYP Math Coordinator, Mulgrave School


Using Action Research to Teach Responsively

How do you know if the feedback you are giving your students will result in positive change? This is the question we asked ourselves after using a year-long math ‘problem-of-the-week’ (POW) program with our grade 5 students. To answer this question, we conducted a 3-arm study to determine which form of feedback created the most learning. Students’ learning was assessed with either a rubric with headings or scores, or written feedback without rubric formatting. The feedback language was identical; only the formatting changed for each group. Curious which form of feedback resulted in the greatest improvement for our students? The results may surprise you! To find out more about our research process, the final results and how we used our research to teach more responsively – attend this session!


Ann Walters (B.Sc., B.Ed., MA) has spent the last 3 years as the PYP Mathematics Coordinator at Mulgrave School, Canada. She works to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics through inquiry, by incorporating authentic, transdisciplinary, problem-based pedagogy. Ann has shared her knowledge and passion with many teachers and coaches at in-house, local and north-west conferences. In her free-time, she writes for her own blog: You can follow her on Twitter @seeanngo33.