Angela Nardozi

Sessional Lecturer, Consultant & Coach – Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Entreprenuer


Teacher Willingness and Readiness to take up Indigenous content in their teaching

What strategies increase teacher and teacher candidate willingness and readiness to incorporate Indigenous histories, current perspectives, and pedagogies into their teaching practice? Our research explored this question, by focusing on the experiences of three instructors and approximately 70 teacher candidates each year in one professional learning community (called Central Option) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education over the period of its Indigenous infusion initiative (2009-2014).The research emerged from a framework of Participatory Action Research, Research as Ceremony, and Appreciative Inquiry. One-on-one interviews were conducted with instructors, and quantitative and qualitative data was also collected from two cohorts of Central Option teacher candidates through surveys at the beginning, middle and end of their program, and through one-on-one interviews with five candidates conducted twice over two years.
Our findings indicate that the majority of candidates entering into Central Option had little knowledge of Indigenous content, and if they recognized the importance of including this material in their future curriculum, lacked the confidence to enact it. This presentation will discuss strategies which our team found to be effective in building confidence and impetus to teach this, and the implications of this research for professional development and further education for all teachers.


Dr. Angela Nardozi is a guest on Turtle Island, with both sides of her family originating in Italy. She has spent almost a decade working in and alongside Indigenous communities and with
educators who want to deepen their inclusion of Indigenous content in a meaningful way. A dynamic
speaker and engaging facilitator, Dr. Nardozi is a Sessional Lecturer in OISE/UT’s Master of Teaching program. She also partners with schools and
organizations, and mentors educators through her coaching practice.
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