Andrew Morris

Coalition for Evidence-Based Education


The Coalition for Evidence-Based Education: past present and future

In this session, the purpose of the Coalition for Evidence-Based Education (CEBE) and its activities to date will be outlined. These include the creation of the Education Media Centre, the piloting of the Evidence for the Frontline service for teachers and an ongoing project on Leading Research Engagement. Future plans are for activity on the use of evidence in CPD and in institutional leadership.

The Coalition works by identifying key issues on which collaboration might be helpful. Following consultation, it invites organisations and individuals to come together to plan and carry out joint actions on agreed topics. CEBE has no funds or employees; all activity is carried out on a voluntary basis, by collaborating partners. This may include the organisation of events and publications or networking and advising or the creation of a self-sustaining service. Your views will be welcomed on CEBE’s role and future contribution.


Originally a physics teacher, Andrew later became a Director at City & Islington College in London. He moved on to research management at the UK Further Education Development Agency (FEDA) and subsequently became Director of the National Education Research Forum, working on improving the links between research, practice and policy. He continues to work on these as an independent adviser and as chair of the CEBE Steering Group. In 2018/19 he was appointed President of the Education Section of the British Science Association.