Anders Jönsson

Professor of education, Kristianstad University
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Test or assessment – what’s the difference?

The terms test and assessment are often used interchangeably in Sweden and the most common way to elicit students’ knowledge in school is probably through an amalgamation of the test format with assessment items. This practice disregards the important differences between tests and assessment, which actually come from two separate traditions with different views on, for instance, the nature of knowledge and measurement. By not making a distinction between tests and assessments, teachers run the risk of distorting the outcomes of both tests and assessments, making the results less useful for making decisions about student proficiency or for formative assessment.


Anders Jönsson is Professor of Education at Kristianstad University. His main research focus is on classroom assessment, grading, and feedback. Anders has written a number of books on these topics, such as “Lärande bedömning” [Educational assessment], “Att bedöma och sätta betyg” [To assess and grade], and “Prov eller bedömning” [Test or assessment]. Anders has also worked with the development of national tests in science for grade 6 in Sweden. Currently, Anders is the scientific leader of a research platform, which initiates and facilitates educational research performed in collaboration between the university and schools/pre-schools.

Twitter: @anders_hkr