Amanuel Medhanie

Co-founder, Parsimony


How we found a way to help school districts quickly identify what’s working

While working at a large urban school district, I discovered a huge desire for impact evaluations. But even in a large district with lots of resources, keeping up with these demands was a challenge. This talk will focus on these experiences and how we’re striving to rethink impact evaluations so that we can help more districts more quickly figure out what’s working.


Amanuel is the co-founder of Parsimony (, a small Minnesota-based consulting company that helps school districts quickly identify which efforts are impacting student outcomes. Prior to founding Parsimony, Amanuel lead a research and assessment services office at the University of Minnesota, and prior to that, worked as a data scientist at Minneapolis Public Schools where he evaluated educational programs. Amanuel received his PhD in Educational Psychology in the Quantitative Methods in Education tract at the University of Minnesota and he is an American Statistical Association-accredited statistician.