Dr. Diana Sisson

International literacy consultant
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researchED Washington

Dr. Betsy Sisson

International literacy consultant


The Research Behind Literacy Coaching as a Professional Development Model: Just How Effective Is It? 

Teacher quality is the single largest factor affecting student achievement. Some studies suggest it is also the most important. While some have made the case that “all top systems, including the rapidly improving ones, recognize that if you want good teachers, you need to have good teachers train them, and this requires focused one-on-one coaching in the classroom”, the question remains: Does literacy coaching really make a difference in the lives of teachers and students?


Dr. Diana Sisson and Dr. Betsy Sisson are international literacy consultants who have authored several books and articles on literacy. In addition to being certified reading consultants, they hold doctorates in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and have a combined experience of over 30 years. The sisters have worked abroad in developing reading programs for students in international settings, have consulted on federal research grants, have presented at national and international conferences, and have guest lectured at numerous universities. They also operate their own consulting service specializing in professional development and school improvement and teach at Central Connecticut State University.