researchED comes to Washington D.C. 

Join us for the best professional development day on the education calendar

September 20, 2016 – Washington D.C. – researchED The grassroots, teacher-led movement comes to Washington, D.C. on October 29 with a one-day conference that aims to raise research literacy and drive new models of professional development. ResearchED represents a new appetite from educators to empower themselves, and transform the way they learn about their own craft. The conference will feature a wealth of vital evidence about how educators can use research to inform practice.

Speakers include top policy makers and the best researchers as well as school principles and teachers who will share how they used evidence-informed practices to drive classroom performance like Ben Riley, Founder of Deans for Impact, who will talk about how teachers can improve their classrooms using research; David Didau from the UK will explore the haunting question ‘What if everything you knew about education was wrong?’ and Seth Andrew, policy advisor to the White House, whose vision for the Washington Leadership Academy recently won a XQ Super Schools Project award of $10 million* will talk about policy, research and education. The conference will also feature IES Deputy Director Ruth Neild, the Fordham Institute’s Robert Pondiscio, and NCTQ‘s Kate Walsh.

Find a full speaker list here:

All speakers at researchED events waive their fees in order to keep ticket prices low and give every teacher the opportunity to engage (and have lunch) with the best minds in education. ResearchED brings the high and the humble together on a platform where the only goal is to raise standards in all schools and classrooms.

This polite revolution has upset many of education’s traditional gatekeepers, but has been embraced by even more. The UK national conference regularly attracts up to 1000 people, and the conferences have spread to Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, the US and Australia in only three years, with more planned every week.

‘Education is still stuck in the dark ages, but teachers are more powerful than they imagine. It’s time we all took control of our own development.’ – Tom Bennett, founder, researchED

‘…people like Tom Bennett..are shaping the education debate in a way far more powerful than many politicians.’ Michael Gove, as UK Secretary of State for Education

‘[Tom Bennett is] the most influential teacher in the UK’ – US Senator Mike Johnston



About researchED

ResearchED was founded in 2013 by Tom Bennett, a London-based high school teacher and author. The impact researchED has made in United Kingdom resulted in Tom Bennett being appointed special advisor to the department of Education in the UK. ResearchED is a truly unique, grassroots, teacher-led phenomenon, bringing people from all areas of education together onto a level playing field.  Speakers include teachers, principals, professors, researchers and policy makers. Read more about our story. Find a video with speakers and attendees (subtitles available):

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