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researchED Scandinavia 2018

22nd September 2018 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Welcome to researchED Scandinavia! It’s a delight and an honour to be able to return here for our third year. The appetite from within the teaching profession and the education sector to review its practices in line with current research shows no signs of slowing down. It is an exciting time to be working in education- but then, when is it not? Teachers have for too long laboured under policies and practices that are evidence-light, or heavily ideological. It is long overdue that we continue to re-examine what we do and how we do it, free from commercial or political pressure. Children deserve better. Teachers deserve better. In a world where truth matters more than ever, it falls to us to teach children using the best techniques we know. researchED is proud to be part of that, and we are thrilled to be part of the conversation here in Malmo. Have a great day, and I hope to say hello!

Best wishes,

Tom Bennett

Founder and director of researchED, International Operations


Hélène Galdin O’Shea

reseachED organizer

Speakers include (so far):

René Kneyber, Mathematics teacher, Delegate of the Royal Dutch Education Council

Harry Fletcher Wood, Associate Dean, Institute for Teaching, London

Gary Jones, Dr – independent researcher and consultant

Eva Hartell, PhD, Senior Lecturer and researcher, Haninge municipality and KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Alex Weatherall, Teacher, and developer for Teacher Tapp

Professor Rebecca Allen, Professor of Education at UCL Institute of Education

Oliver Caviglioli, Ex-special school head, Visualiser of teaching concepts and processes, HOW2s creator, Napkin sketch and sketchnote enthusiast

Tine Sophie Prøitz, Professor of Educational Science, University of South-Eastern Norway

Paul  A. Kirschner Prof dr, dr.h.c. / Open University of the Netherlands

Petteri Elo, Teacher Hiidenkivi comprehensive, Helsinki. Educational consultant

Bernard Andrews, Philosophy teacher at Caxton College, Valencia, Spain.

Anders Jönsson, Associate professor in Science Education Research, Kristianstad University

Clare Sealy, Primary head teacher, St Matthias Church of England School, London

Karin Berg, Lead Teacher, Schillerska gymnasiet, Göteborg

Jacob Möllstam, Teacher and ICT Development Manager, Jonsered’s primary school

Per Kornhall, PhD, author and consultant and researcher in educational matters

Christian Lundahl, Professor, School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences, Örebro University

Lucy Crehan, Author, education explorer and international education consultant

David Didau, The Learning Spy

Lill Langelotz, PhD, Senior Lecturer Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT, University of Borås

Morten Sager, PhD, Senior Lecturer Theory of Science, Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg

Mark S. Weiner, PhD, Author and researcher of legal history and constitutional law, Distinguished Fulbright Chair in American Studies, Uppsala University

Linda Sikström, Project Development Coordinator, Lead teacher primary level, City of Malmö

Daniel Prsa, Project Development Coordinator,  Lead teacher secondary level, City of Malmö

Chris Brown, Professor Of Education, University of Portsmouth

Jens Ideland, Senior lecturer in collegial learning, City of Malmö

Marie Sjöblom, PhD Candidate in Mathematics Education, Malmö University, Senior lecturer in collegial learning, City of Malmö

Alex Quigley, Senior Associate: Research Schools, at the Education Endowment Foundation

Megumi Honjo, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, Kanazawa University

Lars Mouwitz, Professor Emeritus at Linneaus University, Växjö

Pedro De Bruyckere, PhD Educational scientist, teacher & researcher

Elisabet Bellander, Lead teacher in Math and Natural Science at Universitetsholmens gymnasium, Malmö. Coo-partner in the KaMa action research project

Michael Blaesild, Lead Teacher in Construction work at Byggymnasiet, Malmö. Coo-partner in the KaMa action research project

James Murphy, Director of Research and Implementation at Thinking Reading

Keven Bartle, Headteacher, Canons High School

Jessica Hintze, Programme coordinator Erasmus+ school sector, Swedish Council for Higher Education

Lisa Rannikko, Programme Officer for Erasmus+, Swedish Council for Higher Education

This event is made possible by our donors and with assistance from Kommunförbundet Skåne and Malmö stad.




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Panel discussion: Do teachers have agency in their classrooms today?

Chair - Per Kornhall. Panel - Elizabet Bellander, René Kneyber, Tine Sophie Prøitz, Petteri Elo, Keven Bartle and Eva Hartell

Keven Bartle

Making Promises and Forgiving: The Theoretical and Empirical Case for Trust in School Leadership

Jessica Hintze & Lisa Rannikko

How can research(ers) learn from and interact with schools in international co-operation projects?

Christian Lundahl

The Beauty of PISA - Governing with aesthetics

Lars Mouwitz

Teaching as Art, Craft and Science

Morten Sager

Getting real about evidence

Daniel Prsa, Linda Sikström

Supporting teachers to develop structured teaching strategies

Chris Brown, Jens Ideland, Marie Sjöblom

Enhancing collegial learning: Support for professional learning networks and research use in Malmö

Oliver Caviglioli

Memory and Meaning

Harry Fletcher-Wood

Responsive teaching: a fresh look at feedback

Mark S. Weiner

The Rule of the Clan and Differing Perceptions of State Authority

Lill Langelotz

Collegial mentoring - professional development or collective correction?

Clare Sealy

Building a curriculum that promotes remembering

David Didau

Making Kids Cleverer: A manifesto for closing the advantage gap

Petteri Elo

Finnish National Core Curriculum for Basic Education in a Nutshell

Per Kornhall

What if... distrust was replaced by trust?

Jacob Möllstam, Karin Berg

More teachers should have a podcast!

Bernard Andrews

The Alchemy of Injustice

Anders Jönsson

Test or assessment – what’s the difference?

Alex Weatherall & Rebecca Allen

What we found by building a education survey platform from the ground up.

Megumi Honjo

Comparative Study on Physics Education of Sweden and Japan

Elisabet Bellander & Michael Blaesild

Voices about mathematics in pre-vocational education: Two subject areas’ relationships to each other

Eva Hartell, Andrew Doyle

The full capacity of Comparative Judgment Session description

Kathrin Otrel-Cass

Mobile phones in the classroom

Gary Jones

Professional judgement - what is it and how to get better at it.

Pedro De Bruyckere

Basic Ingredients for Great Teaching

Alex Quigley

The Magic of Metacognition & Opening the Education Endowment Foundation’s Teaching & Learning Toolkit

James Murphy

Six kinds of behaviour problems in lessons and how to deal with them.

Lucy Crehan

Lessons for Sweden from ‘top-performing’ education systems

Tine Sophie Prøitz

Funny numbers - data use in local education policy

René Kneyber

Flip the System: Taking classroom practice as the reference point for education policy

Paul Kirschner

Urban legends in education: What does the research say?

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22nd September 2018
9:30 am - 5:00 pm
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Malmö latinskola
Drottninggatan 22
Malmö, 211 49 Sweden