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researchED 2017 National Conference

9th September 2017 @ 9:45 am - 4:45 pm

researchED’s annual conference is back! The fifth national conference, where we present the best minds and voices in education from the UK and beyond. Come and hear what the latest and best research has to offer your schools, classrooms and students, and speak to the researchers, teachers and academics behind it. Network, get ideas, be challenged and ask questions at one of the education events of the year.

We believe that the teaching profession is at the edge of a change; a change where teachers and schools are guided by the best evidence available, working in tandem with experience, craft and wisdom. Where we no longer work alone, or under ancient misconceptions, but together in an informed community of practitioners. Come and join us.

This event is always heavily attended so please book early to avoid disappointment. The current list of speakers will be built as they sign up, and you can find download links for the programme and timetable closer to the event date.

This event is made possible with assistance from GL Assessment.

Speakers signed up so far include….

Christian Bokhove David Godfrey Daisy Christodoulou
Sarah Donarski Eva Hartell Sergej Visser
Richard Phelps Carol Davenport Keiran Dhunna
Pete Bradshaw Justin Gray Caroline Creaby
Dr. Ruth Dann Gary Jones Grace McDonald
Katie Roberts-Hull Mark Quinn James Mannion
Nikki Booth Kim Brevill Jane Flood
Jonathan Taylor Barbara Bleiman Amir Arezoo
Jen Persson Harry Fletcher-Wood Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang
Karen Wespieser Louis Coiffait Peps McCrea
Berry Miles Costa Constantinou Vivienne Porritt
Stephen Lane Beth Greville-Giddings Jude Enright
Rachel Lawrence Matthew Hood Niki Kaiser
Rachel Rayner Kathryn Asbury Rachel Hare
James Murphy Tom Sherrington Ben Newmark
Martin Galway Mayan Wakeford Lauren Bellaera
Gobinder Gill David Aldridge Douglas Wise
Helene Moran Robin Launder Philippa Cordingley
Paul Crisp Kevin Bartle Rajvi Glassbrook
Clare Sealy Stephen Gorard Natasha Porter
Shreedhar Pavar Donald Clark Gary Davies
Becky Allen Laura McInerney Sam Sims
David Weston Eleanor Stringer EEF Crispin Weston
Pedro de Bruyckere Mike Treadaway Jonathan Dando
Caiman Collins Beth Jones Chris Dale
Richard Selfridge Anna Pedroza Ed Dorrell
Richard Adams Lucy Crehan Nick Rose
Ayako Kawaji Katie Magee Dhana Gorasia
Sam Freedman Martin Robinson Jude Hunton
Nicola Woolcock Meryl Noronha John Richards
Oliver Caviglioli Carl Hendrick Robin MacPherson
Institute of Ideas Deep Ghataura Tarjinder Gil
Alex Quigley



Phillipa Cordingley

Hidden legacies and surprising catalysts – lessons from international research for subject specific and pedagogic CPD

Tom Sherrington

Why is Barak Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction paper so good?

Oliver Caviglioli

Memory and Meaning

Harry Fletcher-Wood

Responsive teaching: a fresh look at feedback

Gary Jones

Professional judgement - what is it and how to get better at it.

Pedro De Bruyckere

Basic Ingredients for Great Teaching

Alex Quigley

The Magic of Metacognition & Opening the Education Endowment Foundation’s Teaching & Learning Toolkit

Daisy Christodoulou

Seven Myths about Education

Beth Greville-Giddings

Leading professional development - building expertise

Eva Hartell

Comparative judgement

Julian Stanley

Transforming staff well-being in schools: an evidence-based approach to creating cultural change

Kris Boulton

The best way to teach in the world? The evidence for Direct Instruction.

Carl Hendrick, Robin MacPherson

What Does This Look Like in The Classroom? Bridging the gap between research and practice

Costa Constantinou

What we know about evaluating the impact of continuous professional development (CPD)

Jonathan Taylor

Later starts for Sixth Formers: A case study

Amir Arezoo

The Lean Department

Kim Bevill

Top 10 Things Everyone with a Brain Needs to Know

David Aldridge

The Beaten Path: The Place of the Humanities in the Formation of Teachers

Lauren Bellaera

Using Cognitive Science to Evaluate Impact

Mayan Wakeford

Spaced practice, retrieval practice and dual coding: some practical applications in the teaching of history

Martin Galway

Primary Grammar - what really matters across the transition to KS3

Ben Newmark

So what if nothing we do makes a difference?

Gobinder Gill

Trainability of Emotional Intelligence for Teacher Training

Kathryn Asbury

Genetic research: A discussion of potential uses and abuses in education

Rachel Rayner, Charlie Harber

Making Teachers Fluent With Fluency at KS1

Niki Kaiser

Threshold Concepts and the space in between: applying research to everyday practice

Matthew Hood

Teaching Teachers How to Teach - the bets the American's are making

Rachel Lawrence

What should a Research Leader in Education do?

Shreedhar Pavar

Designing a scheme of work using Cognitive science

Chris Dale

Leading MAT Level Change in the classroom; mandate or unleash?

James Murphy

Six kinds of behaviour problems in lessons and how to deal with them.

Ayako Kawaji

Daily Life Writing in Japanese School

Ed Dorrell, Anna Pedroza

How to make your research newsworthy

Amanda Spielman

Research rules the (inspection) world

Rebecca Allen, Sam Sims

Teacher Learning Curves: how to increase the quality of teaching in your school

Mike Treadaway

EAL - Variations Within? | Are all Pupil Premium pupils the same?

Sam Freedman

Permanent revolution? Lessons from the English school reforms

Keven Bartle

The Chaos of Coalition: Trust, Vulnerability and Interdependence in Schools

David Godfrey

Bringing research into school to school peer review

Douglas Wise

Common Social and Psychological Phenomena in the Classroom

Phillipa Cordingley, Paul Crisp

Co-constructing evidence based professional learning for school leaders

Gary Davies

Teachers shouldn't bother reading education research

Meryl Noronha

Session TBA

Laura McInerney

Session TBA

Rachael Hare

Raising the bar: subject knowledge and social justice at the heart of initial teacher education

Christian Bokhove

This is the new m*th!

Sarah Donarski

Say it or Sign it? Is Verbal Feedback really better than Marking?

Sergej Visser

feedback-rich lesson ideas for language teachers

Keiran Dhunna, Pete Bradshaw

The Floating Teacher: exploring the use of teacher videos within the classroom

Keiran Dhunna, Justin Gray

Perceptions of race, culture and diversity in education

Caroline Creaby, Ruth Dann

Leading research engagement in education - a practical guide to changing practice in your school

Nikki Booth

What do teachers need to know about memory and how can assessment be used effectively to support long-term learning?

Mark Quinn, James Mannion

Practitioner Enquiry: more than just professional development?

Tricia Taylor

Critique and Feedback: Improving Peer Feedback

Barbara Bleiman

'It's Good to Talk' – What Group Work Can Achieve in English & What Makes it Work

Karen Wespieser

What is dyslexia?

Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang

Care In The Classroom: Applying the European Model of Social Pedagogy

Louis Coiffait

The trillion £ question

Miles Berry

Mining the performance tables

Vivienne Porritt

The gender pay gap in education: fact or fiction?

sputnik steve

What the Foucault? - Outstanding Critical Ontology for Teachers!

Jude Enright

How did one school leader use evidence to end their Ofsted nightmares?

Peps Mccrea

Influential Teaching: catalysing motivation and independence in the classroom

Crispin Weston

Our chaotic and incoherent curriculum theory

James Mannion

Why researchED should be called implementationED

Jen Persson

Data in practice, policy and research under GDPR: drop-in Q&A

Tarjinder Gill

Genre Overload: Moving towards a Knowledge-Based Writing Curriculum

Carol Davenport

Girl jobs and boy jobs?


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9th September 2017
9:45 am - 4:45 pm
Event Categories:




Chobham Academy
40 Cheering Lane
Newham, E20 1BD United Kingdom
+ Google Map


9th September 2017
9:45 am - 4:45 pm
Event Categories:




Chobham Academy
40 Cheering Lane
Newham, E20 1BD United Kingdom
+ Google Map