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A Day at researchED NYC

Written by: The Effortful Educator I recently returned from my first researchED experience in Brooklyn; perhaps you saw the hashtag #rEDNY17 floating around twitter lately.  Like a lot of education conferences, speakers presented information for which they are knowledgeable.  Unlike a lot of education conferences, there was no expo or product to buy.  No one […]

Terra Australis: researchED Melbourne 2017

Terra Australis Australia is an extraordinary place to come, especially if you’re British. The mixture of instant familiarity (driving on the left as all civilised peoples do, fried breakfasts, Cockney phonics buried inside carefree New World idiom) and the novel (dim sum next to baked beans, a menagerie of animals apparently constructed by God for […]

Known unknowns: what I discovered in Stockholm

I was the worst kind of tourist today: an ignorant one. I was in Stockholm to host researchED Haninge and chew bubblegum, and I was all out of bubblegum. But unlike our ancestors, for whom international travel was an arduous pilgrimage, we skip across borders like children. Even so, normally on any visit you’d guide-book up; I […]

researchED comes to Washington D.C.

researchED comes to Washington D.C.    Join us for the best educational professional development day on the calendar September 19, 2016 – Washington D.C. – researchED The grassroots, teacher-led movement comes to Washington, D.C. on October 29 with a one-day conference that aims to raise research literacy and drive new models of professional development. ResearchED […]