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To sleep, perchance to learn

Joe Kirby is a teacher and deputy head who writes extensively on translating research into the classroom. Here he looks at how understanding sleep can help us make gains in helping students to learn and achieve. Nature’s blunder? Sleep seems like a biological puzzle. It makes animals conspicuously vulnerable. Is the land of Nod a […]

The grateful ped(agogue)

Why giving thanks may be a gift that gives to the giver From the philosophers Epictetus and Confucius to our own parents and teachers, wise thinkers have always encouraged us to count our blessings. Joe Kirby puts this sage advice to the test, and explains why it’s great to be grateful. The secret to happiness? […]

The psychology of habits

Teacher, blogger and trainer Joe Kirby takes a look at the force of habit – one of the most powerful influences we have on our behaviour whether we like it or not – and how we can use this in school. Scientific research suggests that cues and consistency make habits last. Why do we automatically […]